Beyond Organic SueroViv Orange Flavor 16 oz Each 12 Bottles

Beyond Organic SueroViv Orange Flavor 16 oz Each 12 Bottles
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**Back in Stock** SueroViv is a probiotic water product made from the whey of the raw cheese. It is extremely high in probiotics, calcium, electrolytes, and potassium. It is a tonic elixir that is perfect as a sports drink and similar to kombucha, but as healthy, or more healthy, than coconut water.

SueroViv is the Original Probiotic Water whole food cultured probiotic beverage made from a base of whey from the raw cheese.

SueroViv is a probiotic water product made from the whey of the raw cheese. It is extremely high in probiotics, calcium, electrolytes, and potassium. It is a tonic elixir that is perfect as a sports drink and similar to kombucha, but as healthy, or more healthy, than coconut water.

  • From Green Fed Whey
  • Cultured with Living Probiotic Organisms
  • Flavored and Sweetened with Organic Fruit Juice and Honey
  • Enhanced with Organic Essential Oils
  • The Original Probiotic Water
  • Whole Food Cultured Probiotic Beverage
  • A Living Tonic Elixir
  • Great Taste – flavor is similar to popular sports drinks, but with 10x the Potassium
  • Cultured with powerful probiotics
  • 125 mg Calcium per 8oz serving – 250mg Calcium per bottle
  • Electrolytes along with naturally occurring Sodium
  • Half the sugar of store‐bought juice and juice drinks
  • Compare to Kombucha, Coconut Water
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If someone would have asked me what are the two most important elements to good health, my answer will certainly be, proper hydration and healthy digestion. During my own health challenges, I learned that the digestive tract is the center of our health. And in fact, in the early 1900s major medical textbooks related every area in fact up to 90% of your body as being connected with what happened in that long hallow tube that is your digestive tract.

Probiotics are critical for overall health, particularly health in your digestive tract. Probiotic means “for life” and they are literally the good germs. But I called them your internal army, your special forces taking up residence in your body, protecting you from the outside world. For the last 16 years, I have consumed powerful probiotics each and every day and a big part of the reason why I am here is because probiotics has defended my body and brought me back to health. Hydration and probiotics had never been combined, until now. probiotic water is the first probiotic infused spring water providing proper hydration, and supporting digestive and immune system function.

Probiotics are typically fragile unable to tolerate water, heat or pressure, but not anymore. Probiotic water not only hydrates your body while supporting your digestive and immune systems but it is impervious to heat, pressure or other extremes. Drink probiotic water during your workout, remember to send probiotic water with your kids’ school lunch. Each and every day probiotic water can benefit your body. One unique attribute about this probiotic that is found in the probiotic water that has multiple clinical studies, is its ability to withstand the elements.

You can take SueroViv and pour it to brown rice and have probiotic rice because even boiling doesn’t destroy this probiotics. You can take probiotic water and pour it into your whole grain pancake mix and have probiotic pancakes. In fact each and every meal, each and every day you can consume powerful probiotics just like your ancestors have for thousands of years.

Functional beverages have exploded in popularity over the last decade. You can find sports drinks in every retail food store in the country. Gas stations have energy drinks sitting by the cash register. Once confined to the fringes of the food and drink market, functional beverages have vaulted to the front of the line. Functional beverages have become big business, with Fortune 500 drink manufacturers—once solely known for making sodas—leading the charge.

The recent sales surge of nutrient-enhanced waters as well as sports and energy drinks belies one fact: while these products are relatively new, the concept of functional beverages is as old as time. Functional beverages—defined as beverages that provide more than hydration and flavor—have been a revered staple in every civilization. The unfortunate truth is this: today’s mass-marketed functional beverages have little in common with the healthy ones our ancestors consumed.

Where functional beverages are concerned, we’ve lost our way. Time—and greed—have ruined the best of intentions.

Perhaps the most interesting twist in the evolution of functional beverages is how they came to be. Thousands of years ago, functional beverages existed because they had to. Those blessed enough to have access to a dairy-producing animal faced a problem—what to do with the excess milk that could not be immediately consumed. The answer was to ferment—or culture— the milk in order to preserve it naturally.

The upshot of that culturing process was that the health benefits of the milk increased. Culturing adds healthy, beneficial probiotics, increases various nutrient levels and makes the milk easier to digest. Eventually, the health benefits became the primary reason for culturing excess dairy, outweighing the need for preservation.

Dairy wasn’t the only beverage that was cultured. Kombucha is a fermented Tibetan tea. Kvass actually uses bread and water along with cultures, although sometimes it is made using beets. As noted before, every single civilization on earth has produced and consumed cultured beverages. What is interesting about many of these cultured beverages is that they weren’t produced out of a need for preservation. They were made for their health benefits.

And there’s the rub. When compared to what passes for functional beverages today—the aforementioned nutrient-enhanced waters, sports drinks and energy drinks—it’s easy to see we’ve lost our way.

Beyond Organic Founder Jordan Rubin was visiting his dairy center of excellence in Missouri, where his GreenFed dairy cattle were producing milk that would be cultured into Amasai and turned into Really Raw Cheese. In the cheese-making room, he watched as the raw milk was separated into curds and whey. Curds are used to make the cheese, and the whey is the liquid that is a co-product in the cheese-making process.

Jordan knew that the conventional uses of that whey were limited. Many people are familiar with powdered whey protein, a supplement created by separating the protein from the whey and drying it. Whey is also used as an additive in several commercial food preparations. Up to that point, Jordan was taking the whey and spraying it back on his pastures to increase nutrient value in the soil.

As Jordan watched the whey being siphoned off, he was struck with the following thought; why aren’t we making better use of the whey? Jordan knew that whey was a rich source of electrolyte minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. He knew that it contained beta-carotene (vitamin A) as well as several B vitamins. It even contained protein. Jordan’s next thought was that the best use of whey would be to drink it.

Further research revealed that Jordan’s idea wasn’t original—but rather the revival of a classic. For centuries, whey had been consumed, in various forms, as a health tonic. Doctors of Greek antiquity called it “healing water,” and Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, frequently gave it to his patients. In the 17th and 18th centuries in Switzerland, hundreds of health spas were formed with the express intent of serving liquid whey as a tonic.

It didn’t take long for Jordan to become convinced that liquid whey was significantly more than a food additive or a convenient way to return nutrients to the soil. His next step was figuring out the best way to transform it into a functional beverage.

Jordan knew he wanted to start with liquid whey from the milk of Beyond Organic’s GreenFed cattle. He also knew that, like the functional beverages of old, that he wanted to culture that whey with probiotics. Much like the methods of culturing our ancestors used, this process would serve to both preserve the beverage and increase its health benefits.

After culturing, the whey is mixed with Reign Supreme Spring Water from the Beyond Organic Springs in north Georgia. Reign, the purest spring water Jordan has ever tested, is the perfect ingredient in a functional beverage due to its purity. One of water’s two primary roles in the body is to deliver nutrients to the cells, and pure water is best suited for this purpose. Since cultured whey is loaded with healthy nutrients, Reign is the perfect delivery vehicle.

Of course, one of Jordan’s primary goals was to make a great-tasting functional beverage. Jordan settled on three specific flavor components that would add health benefits as well. The first was organic juices, like lemon and raspberry juice, teeming with antioxidants. Organic honey was added to provide a natural sweetness that balances against the tangy cultured whey. His final flavor ingredient, however, was a nod to our ancestors.

Organic essential oils have been used for centuries for their health-promoting properties.

Jordan named his new beverage SueroViv, which literally translates to whey of life.

The Right Minerals electrolytes are defined as substances, usually minerals, which contain free ions that make them electrically conductive. Our bodies are finely tuned electrical systems, and electrolytes are depleted when you perspire. It’s important for anyone who leads an active lifestyle to replace those electrolytes.

However, you want to make sure you are replacing them with the right electrolyte minerals. The minerals in liquid whey are bound to organic substances in the whey itself and they are literally a part of the whey. Contrast this with minerals taken from rocks or are found in their salt forms, which are inorganic and not bound to any organic substance. Jordan believes these inorganic minerals are not the best form of electrolytes for the body since they are not a normal part of our food chain.

Essential oils are the concentrated lifeblood of plants. In Biblical times, essential oils were often used as a form of currency and valued as a prized possession. Today, essential oils are used in a variety of applications both orally and topically. Where Jordan was concerned, they added a unique health benefit and a distinct flavor.

Jordan named his new beverage SueroViv, which literally translates to whey of life. Available in three refreshing flavors—Raspberry Lemonade, Orange Cinnamon and Citrus—SueroViv is the next generation of functional beverages.

As opposed to the vast majority of mass-marketed functional beverages, SueroViv is more old world than new school—and that means a healthier product. SueroViv contains natural electrolyte minerals (see sidebar above) like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It contains probiotics and enzymes that are the result of the culturing process, as well as vitamins A and B-complex, and is rich in antioxidants.

The best part is that anyone who lives an active lifestyle can benefit from SueroViv. Whether you are a grandparent chasing after your grandchildren, an on-the-go mom or dad, an active teenager or an athlete, SueroViv is a great way to replenish and hydrate your body.