Ancient Nutrition Zinc + Probioitcs 30ct 30 Capsules

Dairy Free Gluten Free 
Ancient Nutrients Zinc + Probiotics has 30 mg of enzyme-activated zinc. In its potent and enzyme activated form, this is zinc like you've never seen before. Weaving the ancient principles of ancient TCM (Traditional Chinese Method) with body-ready zinc and superfood ingredients, Ancient Nutrients Zinc features a potent combination of immune-supporting real-food ingredients with body-ready zinc.
Ancient Nutrition Zinc + Probioitcs 30ct  30 Capsules
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Zinc + Probioitcs 30ct 30 Capsules
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Ancient Nutrients Zinc INGREDIENTS

Enzyme-Activated Zinc
An essential mineral that is second only to iron in its concentration in the body, zinc is functionally involved in hundreds of enzymatic functions in the body. Ancient Nutrients Zinc is a potent and enzyme-activated form, ready for your body to use.

Balancing, 3-Kingdom Approach
Honoring TCM, Ancient Nutrients Zinc contains specific superfood and botanical combinations time-tested through the ages. This includes a broad-spectrum of potent, TCM-approved ingredients joining together to include superfoods and superherbs from multiple kingdoms: The Fungi, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

Body-Ready Zinc
We did the work so your body doesn’t have to. Ancient Nutrients Zinc contains bio-friendly zinc, vitamin C, copper, herbs and superfoods treasured in TCM.

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Zinc + Probioitcs 30ct
Zinc + Probioitcs 30ct
30 Capsules
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