Supplements for Stress and Depression

Supplements for Stress and Depression by New Chapter Discover your inner peace with New Chapter. Finding balance is sometimes difficult. Address occasional stress with the help of Nature. Our vitamins and herbal supplements can help give you peace of mind.
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B Food Complex One Daily by New Chapter nourishing support for metabolic and nervous system function, stress-balancing, soothing and restorative herbs and mushrooms, Coenzyme B Food Complex is an energizing and protective array of phytonutrients.
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New Chapter Supercritical Holy Basil Force Supports normal cortisol and healthy blood sugar metabolism. Holy Basil Elevates the spirit, and Protects healthy cells from radiation damage. Holy Basil promotes a positive stress response.
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Perfect Calm by New Chapter is the ideal whole-food multi for men and women seeking to combat stress, enhance calm and overall well-being. Anti-stress herbs like Holy Basil, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm soothe by helping the body cope with stress, fatigue and worry.
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Rhodiolaforce 100 and 300 by New Chapter draws on the powerful properties of Rhodiola rosea (Rose Root), an herbal adaptogen that builds stamina, endurance, and well-being under stress. Rhodiolaforce 100 and 300 uplift moods and enhances concentration.