Garden of Life FucoProtein Bars Chocolate Macadamia Box of 12 Bars

Non-GMO Verifed Gluten Free 
Perfect Weight America FucoProtein Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars are made with organic foods such as chia seeds, raw honey, nuts, coconut oil, and high quality protein. FucoProtein Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars.
Garden of Life FucoProtein Bars  Chocolate Macadamia Box of 12 Bars
FucoProtein Bars Chocolate Macadamia Box of 12 Bars
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Perfect Weight America FucoProtein Bars

Gluten Free
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Building on the success of the Living Foods organic food bars, Garden of Life wanted to create a protein bar that would be effective for Jordan Rubin's new weight loss program, Perfect Weight America. There were several criteria that needed to be met in order to put our name behind it. The protein had to come from a complete protein source. There could be no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. There needed to be an effective fiber component that could optimize glycemic response, slowing sugar release. The bars also needed to be made with whole foods.

Perfect Weight AMERICA fPROTEIN Bars are deliciously nutritious high protein dietary supplement bars that contain concentrated fucoxanthin (7.5mg per bar), which is clinically proven to naturally increase your metabolism, burn fat and assist in weight management. fPROTEIN Bars also provide 14g of protein from whole food sources, including organic whey, native whey and brown rice. fPROTEIN are also gluten free.

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