Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Men 75 Capsules

Non-GMO Verifed RAW from Garden of Life Dairy Free Gluten Free 
Vitamin Code Raw One for Men is The only RAW Vegan One-A-Day Multi. The only One-A-Day with Raw Food-Created Nutrients and Raw Food-Chelated Minerals.
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Men  75 Capsules
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Vitamin Code Raw One for Men 75 Capsules
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Vegetarian and Gluten Free
  • The only RAW Vegan One-A-Day Multi
  • The only One-A-Day with Raw Food-Created Nutrients and Raw Food-Chelated Minerals
  • RAW ONE offers great value, including equal or higher amounts of nutrients compared to leading brands but at a lower cost
  • Live Probiotics and Enzymes
  • Gluten Free. Dairy Free. No Soy Allergens
  • No Binders of Fillers

1. What is VITMIN CODE RAW ONE for Men?
A: VITMIN CODE RAW ONE for Men is a convenient, once daily multivitamin and mineral formula, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of men on-the-go. RAW ONE formulas contain RAW Food-Created Nutrients providing targeted delivery of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to experience extraordinary health.
2. What are RAW Food-Created Nutrients?
A: The RAW Food-Created Nutrients in Vitamin Code formulas are individually cultivated with their unique Code Factors intact, enabling targeted delivery and natural recognition of nutrients by the body. Imagine growing a plant in the garden, and adding extra vitamin A to the soil to yield a plant rich in vitamin A. The yeast or bacteria is cultivated in water and fed a vitamin to yield a food-based yeast or probiotic matrix that is rich in that particular vitamin. Raw Food-Created Nutrients are grown in both S. cerevisiae (bakers yeast) and the probiotic Lactobacillus bulgaricus to provide a broader spectrum of Code Factors.
3. What is a Code Factor?
A: Code Factors are the known, and yet to be discovered, synergistic compounds found in food and necessary for proper nutrient delivery. Providing these Code Factors infuses the essential elements of whole foods that the body thrives upon.
4. Who can benefit form taking RAW ONE for Men?
A: Men on-the-go that may want a RAW vegan multivitamin supplement but need convenience. Individuals who travel frequently may also benefit from RAW ONE because they can take one capsule per day without worrying about dividing doses throughout a busy day. Additionally Men that have difficulty with supplement compliance may want to take RAW ONE as it is easier to remember to just take one per day.
5. What are RAW Food-Chelated Minerals?
A: Chelation is a naturally occurring process in the body for transporting minerals across the intestinal wall during digestion. Common inorganic forms of trace minerals may interact with lipids, proteins, fiber or other minerals, inhibiting absorption. When minerals are bound to chelating agents such as amino acids, they become more stable and are much less reactive in the digestive tract. RAW Food-Chelated Minerals are minerals that have been bound to raw rice amino acids making their structure more akin to food, designed to enhance mineral absorption and improve bioavailability.
6. What is Amla Berry and why is it beneficial?
A: Amla Berry or Indian Gooseberry is a powerful fruit valued for its high antioxidant content, particularly rich in vitamin C. It is probably the most concentrated form of Vitamin C found in the plant kingdom, providing 30 times the amount of Vitamin C found in oranges. The vitamin C value of Amla increases further when the juice is extracted from the fruit. This herbal extract has long been utilized in the traditional medicine of India (Ayurveda) and considered one of the strongest rejuvenatives that contributes greatly towards health and longevity. RAW ONE for Men delivers 60mg (100% DV) of vitamin C from RAW Organic Amla Berry.
9. What are the benefits of the RAW Enzyme and Probiotic Blend?
A: The RAW Enzyme and Probiotic Blend includes the probiotic S. boulardii and 6 digestive enzymes, to support digestive health.
10. What benefits does RAW ONE for Men provide?
A: RAW ONE for Men is rich in nutrients that support: Healthy Heart, Healthy Prostate, RAW Energy, Healthy Stress Response, Eye Health, Optimal Digestion, Normal Glucose Metabolism, Optimal Immune Function, Antioxidant Cellular Protection and Healthy Metabolism. It also includes Vitamin D3 For dietary Calcium Absorption.
11. Should I switch from VITMIN CODE MEN to RAW ONE for Men?
A: We recommend that you continue with the original Vitamin Code Men formulas. RAW ONE is intended for those already taking a one-a-day that would like to switch to a RAW whole food vegan one-a-day, or for those who need traveling convenience.
12. What differentiates RAW ONE for Men from RAW ONE for Women?
A: RAW ONE for Men includes higher levels of vitamin K, vitamin B12, zinc and selenium, to support mens health. RAW ONE for Women delivers higher levels of vitamin D3, folic acid and iron, to support womens health.
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