#2 - Beyond Organic Ranch News

When we traveled to the Beyond Organic ranch in Missouri, with the other members of the Chairman’s Committee, we were very excited to see the milking barns and the way the cattle were treated.

The cattle that are being milked are kept in pastures that are about 1/2 mile, or so, from the milking barn. There are single strand electric wires around their pastures that are moved several times a day to move the cattle onto fresh pasture. When it is time to go be milked, the cowboys ride out on their horses and open one side of the electric wire fence. The cattle just walk down the fence line to the milking barn.

Once in the barn, the high tech herring-bone system separates each cow into her own little milking stall, automatically. The cattle come in pretty clean, because they have been out on fresh pasture. There is no stress or confusion. They just walk on in and head into their spot. Then the milkers go along and clean udders and attach the milking machine. The milking machine is state-of-the-art, and detects when the cow is done giving milk and detaches automatically, so she can walk back out to her pasture. I have seen milk barns before, but this was different. There was no feed in the barn, so it was immaculately clean. The atmosphere in the barn was very relaxed and the cattle just amble gently along.
After the cattle are milked, the milk flows through a pipe to the next room in the same building. This is the milk preparation room. There are big tanks that the milk goes into to be processed at the minimum legal temperature for the product they are making that day. The milk never leaves the building and is completely processed within 48 hours. It is never put on a truck to be processed somewhere else. When the milk is ready, it goes through a pipe into the next room in the same building where it is made into cheese or Amasai or Sueroviv. Then, the product flows through a pipe into the next room to be bottled and labeled, then to the next room to be boxed. Then it goes to the next room to a spotless loading dock, and is shipped to you, the consumer. Just wow!
Every step of the way, the rooms are incredibly clean. You would feel comfortable sitting down almost anywhere and having a meal right on the floor. There are no flies, no harsh chemicals, no dirt, and the processing rooms are temperature and humidity controlled. Every piece of equipment is the very top of the line. Every employee is happy to be part of the Beyond Organic vision and excited to be working for Jordan Rubin himself!

When Jordan started Beyond Organic, the experts said it couldn’t be done. It is being done! When Jordan started Beyond Organic, people said he would never have enough production to keep us all in food. The production facilities are ready to work at a much higher volume, as the demand for the products goes up. This food has been made right, without chemicals, antibiotics, grains or hormones, and it is being done well!

Eat Well, live well, and be well with Beyond Organic!

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